Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wot I Has Learned

that Thomas Nagel continues his attack on his reputation as a philosopher of competence, let alone insight, by insisting that the only way to solve the mind-body problem is to observe that he finds Darwinism 'insufficiently reassuring'; that Jerry Fodor may be capable of pleasingly pithy summaries and putdowns, but he doesn't seem to be so good at writing clearly for a non-professional audience and hasn't understood that if you attack analyticity in the name of holism in one way, it's difficult to avoid its implications in another - that if the reason batchelors are unmarried men is how it fits into our web of concepts, we might care about how we actually use the term, batchelors; that the British Foreign Service is still, in all probability, staffed by polished upper class men who believe that some banalities along the lines of history not running in straight lines and human nature being a struggle between our better and worse spirits are analysis of the prospects for international organisation, and, more, an excuse for, in an otherwise adjectiveless list of nationalities, the description of Russians as glowering; and that brain surgery, when written about well, can be genuinely disturbing.


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