Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rocking Chairs For Cretins

The idea of advertising food under the name 'organic energising detox salad' disgusts me. The idea that food, a thing of pleasure, should be a way of removing poisons from your body, of atoning for your excesses is vile. Not only does it corrupt what should be an act of bodily enjoyment into one of repentance, of life-denial, but it requires an attitude that treats the rest of one's life as toxic, the rest of what one ingests as poisons. The licence to condemn it freely grants itself encompasses a whole life: it demands an attitude of pious abnegation towards everything, as if anything else one might consume were an act of sacrilege, a destruction of the icons, a sapping of the spirit. And yet this is supposed to be a way of enticing people to eat, to perpetuate a life that cannot but be racked by guilt. How monstrously patronising, how infantilising.

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