Friday, February 17, 2012

Preti Votano

Perche non posso trovarlo con sottotitoli inglese, con sottotitoli francese.


Phil said...

That was a linguistic work-out! Thanks for posting it - extraordinary stuff. It's a massive simplification, of course, and a bit of a Catholic cliche in its way, but still a big piece of the truth - and terrific writing and acting.

Rob Jubb said...

It is wonderful. I haven't seen Sorrentino's newest film, and The Family Friend was not good, but anything he does with Toni Servillo seems to be great. I don't know whether it's historically accurate either as potential or actual piece of self-justification by Andreotti; what I like about it, which the power of the performance partly depends on, is the truth at its core, that politics involves getting your hands dirty and that denying that is a piece of dangerous and often dishonest naivety.