Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Normal As Monstrous, Or, Because I Liked Night Watch, OK?

The other particularly noteworthy piece in the most recent LRB was this, by Nicholas Spicer on Elfreide Jelinek. Although I'm not sure it really made me want to read any Jelinek, it certainly did make the experience of reading the early parts of Tipping The Velvet, with their carefully coy but ultimately unashamed descriptions of a young lesbian's burgeoning sexuality, a more thought-provoking one. BTW, if anyone can explain to me how the hell Tipping The Velvet managed to get made into an apparently mainstream BBC drama and not some kind of Caligula-esque soft porn thing, I'm all ears.


a very public sociologist said...

Yes, Tipping the Velvet was a bit tame on TV wasn't it? Perhaps Keeley Hawes and Rachel Stirling didn't want to get their lady parts out? Who knows?

Rob Jubb said...

I didn't actually see it on TV, so I don't know how tame it was, but there are bits which I struggle to see how could be filmed and widely publicised by an organisation like the BBC.