Friday, November 09, 2007


Some rather disparate and often quite out of date links. I do have other things to do, you know.

The disappearance of Fafblog is indeed a thing of much regret.

This is not a substitute, but it is very good.

Neither is this, but it is also very good (via).

More topically - or it would have been last week - this and this are quite right. Of course it's a serious problem and one perfectly sensibly regarded as being something that people ought to be publicly held accountable when MEN WITH GUNS SHOOT DEAD SOMEONE WHO WAS NO THREAT TO ANYONE AT ALL, not least because WE WANT TO KNOW WHY THEY THOUGHT, CONTRARY TO FACT, THAT HE WAS A THREAT, AND HOW TO AVOID SAID MEN WITH GUNS THINKING THAT OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT A THREAT, LIKE US, ARE ALSO SO THREATENING THEY SHOULD BE SHOT DEAD.

Also, this.

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a very public sociologist said...

Vacant blogs are always a shame.

Remember kids, every time you stop blogging, God kills a kitten.