Monday, August 20, 2007

Shouting At The Radio Again

So, Frances Lawrence, widow of Philip Lawrence, the murdered headmaster - and apparently a whole load of other people, judging by the PM blog's comment section - thinks her family's human rights are violated by the government's refusal to deport her husband's murderer after he has finished serving his sentence. Without wanting to be cruel to Mrs. Lawrence, you do have to wonder, exactly what human right she thinks is violated by the refusal to deport? The human right not to encounter people whom you'd rather not encounter? In that case, I demand a police escort to shield me from about 95% of the British population, and in particular anyone who thinks that someone who has finished serving a prison sentence should be deported to a country where they have not lived since they were six, more than twenty years ago, and where they do not even speak the language. And whoever it was that was arguing with George Monbiot, obviously, that environmentalists not only periodically go on holiday but also communicate with each other by methods other than carrier pigeon clearly indicates that actually, they are disgustingly preachy, hypocritical neo-Luddites who hate our freedom, and want to blot out the sun, plunging us all into a new, literally, Dark Age (except for them; they'll build their own sun from the corpses of all those who die from broken hearts when petrol becomes too expensive to justify popping out to the shops in the 4x4, dahling, to get some more milk). Jesus. And some people think the Beeb is dangerously liberal.

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