Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Call For Asylum

So, it turns out the British government is not allowing asylum applications from Iraqis who worked for the Coalition Forces in the south of Iraq. Iraqis who worked for the British are, it would appear, being killed for precisely that reason. This combination of facts is, I think, pretty shameful. Lots of other sets of facts may also be pretty shameful, but this is fairly transparently pretty shameful, and therefore hopefully relatively easily dealt with. Publicising it, as a number of blogs have been doing, and asking people to write to their MPs, seems like a sensible way of trying to do so.

Now, obviously, given that Iraq is clearly generally not a very nice place to be at the moment, it would be better if the British government accepted asylum applications from more or less any Iraqis who want to come, especially given the share of the responsibility Britain bears for making Iraq into somewhere decidedly undesirable to live. This though is unlikely to happen. Furthermore, campaigning for this more limited goal does not preventing anyone from campaigning for the more general goal.

Equally, whilst there may be other groups who are similarly at risk of becoming the victims of violence because of specific personal affiliations, these are people that the British have some kind of special responsibility for, in virtue of having employed them, and, again, it doesn't stop anyone from trying to get Iraqis similarly at risk for other reasons let in as well. And if you thought that, like I did, that the invasion was a bad idea in the first place, you presumably thought so on the grounds that it would be bad for Iraqis, and we shouldn't do things that would be bad for Iraqis. Well, preventing them from leaving Iraq and coming here is now pretty bad for them. You know it's right. Write to your MP, asking them to press for Iraqis who worked with the British forces in the south of Iraq to be granted asylum as soon as possible. Pro-forma letter and so on here.

Approval of the above, by the way, is in no way incompatible with thinking that Dan Hardie is an argumentative and unneccessarily abusive c*nt. Even f*ckwits can be right from time to time. It's the whole monkeys-typewriters-Shakespeare/f*cked clock thing.

Update, 10/08/07: My MP is on holiday, which I suppose is reasonable enough, and so I got a holding reply from someone in his office, saying that a lot of the MP's caseload is to do with immigration, which I guess is supposed to mean he cares, and, further, that it is understood that something may soon be done.

Further update, 20/09/07: Chris Brooke points out that there is a meeting organised for the 9th of October for MPs, at which national media will be present. Urge your MP to attend. Details of the situation which those who have worked with the British face are available here and here, and you can contact your MP through WriteToThem.

More, 10/10/07: This really isn't bloody good enough (via). Keep up the pressure.

Again, 12 /12/07: You'd think that this was sorted now. No, apparently not (via). Write to your MP again.


nullo said...

there is a bit i don't get: is it that if you are iraqi and you have not collaborated you get in, and if you have collaborated you don't get in? is that right?

or is it just that you wish there is a special treatment for those that have collaborated (sorry for using that reminiscent word, by the way)

Rob Jubb said...

I don't want special treatment for anyone; as I made clear in the piece, the more Irqais refugees we let in the better so far as I am concerned. Since this is an easy way of getting the Government to let more refugees in, it is therefore good.