Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's All In The Game

I'm not sure I really want to say very much about The Wire, beyond that it's amazingly good. If we were trying to pick holes, we might ask exactly how long a shadow Tamanay Hall casts over American municipal politics; for The Wire, like Skunk Anansie said, everything's f*cking political. I'm not sure that's quite true, but then I don't know just how screwed Baltimore's politics is, and that people aren't totally self-serving is a kind of prior for me. It might also be a bit willing to show nudity, for no real reason. We get that people have sex; showing us them having sex is rarely the most efficient way of telling us anything about them, either together or as individuals, or the plot. This really is picking holes though: the writing - Omar's response, when testifying against muscle to get back at the people who killed his lover and fellow stick-up artist, to the defence lawyer who accuses him of making a living off of the drug trade, that the lawyer'd know all about that, it's just different tools of the trade, a briefcase and a shotgun, is brilliant - the plotting - the recurrent '9-11 buggered the FBI's institutional priorities' line, the questions about dirty hands raised by the Sobotkas - the characterisation - the way Ziggy is, and knows he is, always the butt of every joke, and how that makes sense, as the boy they couldn't fire, and makes sense of what he ends up doing - it's all brilliant. Buy, beg or steal.

Update, 22/08/07: It's going cheap on Amazon people. You don't need to beg or steal.

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