Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tocqueville on Lawyers

"[T]he English or American lawyer resembles the hierophants of Egypt, for like them he is the sole interpreter of an occult science."

Never again will I think of the requirement to have your will witnessed by a solicitor in the same way: 'and so, Mr Jubb, you want any surviving issue to get the dresser that your maiden aunt had, and your embalmed liver, but you want your brain to go to the cat?'


Anonymous said...

The cat wouldn't eat it.

Rob Jubb said...

If I were giving my brain to the cat, I wouldn't want it to eat it; I would want it to mew and paw at it bathetically then look confused when it was given any attention, and try and walk all over the newspaper whilst my brain was reading it.

Rob Jubb said...

But in a very endearing way, obviously.