Monday, September 04, 2006

Step Away From The Crocodile

I've seen a couple of Steve Irwin TV shows. My abiding memory of them is him proding a disturbingly large and fast and increasingly angry scorpion which he'd just breathlessly told the poor cameraman was really quite poisonous - so poisonous in fact that, here, on top of a rocky outcrop in the middle of the some wilderness or other, if it stung you, you'd probably die, since it'd take too long to get to an antidote - with a stick to try and get it to come out from under the rock it was attempting to shelter beneath and crawl onto another stick he was holding. He was, by any standard, seriously reckless. But entertainingly so. There's a degree of irony in his untimely death having occurred in such an apparently unlikely manner, even. Still, RIP.

The other thing which piqued my interest today was Banksy pulling a kind of guerilla art stunt aimed at Paris Hilton's release of a record (all over the bloody place, but I saw it first here). There's a flickr slideshow here (via). Just to prove I really can't let things go, in the context of this disagreement with Timothy Burke, I'd guess this is hardly well within the bounds of procedural liberalism - theft and various violations of the trades description act are presumably involved - but no-one sensible thinks Banksy is halfway to being Timothy McVeigh.

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Milan said...

While somewhat predictable, given Mr. Irwin's line of work, his death is still tragic. This is especially true on account of his very young children.