Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's Not Funny Anymore

Apparently John Hutton, Work and Pensions Secretary, said on BBC Breakfast this morning, talking about when exactly Blair will quit, that

I think the view of the majority of people, is that the prime minister has made his intentions reasonably clear

Shouts of 'from his cold dead hands' didn't ring out, I'd guess. More seriously, I'm guessing that, even for a political party constructed around a kind of blinkered tough-mindedness about the politically possible, Blair has become too much to bear now, maybe even partly because of the moral bankruptcy of his policy rather than the electoral consequences of allowing him to cling on. In a way, there's a sadness about the identities of the people who are, if this palace coup is successful, going to topple Blair. They're all Blairites, so I don't suppose there's much chance of any serious ideological change. Brecht's perfectly contemptous joke at the expense of the Stasi state still captures perfectly the relationship between the Labour Party and its leadership. You begin to wonder whether it's f*cking worth it.

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