Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Lenin, unsurprisingly, alleges that the coverage of the disturbances in Edinburgh yesterday in the mainstream media were rather distorted (he provides examples, but even the Guardian this morning was being fairly hardline about the whole thing). This, I think, should be taken fairly seriously, because of the second point I make here: if it is true that the security services of other G8 members collaborated in what was clearly at times the utterly abhorent behaviour of the Italian police in Genoa, then it is far from beyond the realms of possibility that what he says is broadly true.

I have a bit of a history of getting rather upset about the persistent outright lies of the right about trends in crime in Britain - and, indeed, I assume much of the rest of the civilised world: it is largely bullsh*t, and yet it is widely enough believed bullsh*t that it is rather a potent political weapon. John Band here points out a particularly egregious piece of media collaboration in the dissemination of this bullsh*t, picked up via The Law West Of Ealing Broadway, which provokes what I regard as wholly predictable yet totally mistaken - maybe that shouldn't be a 'yet', actually - responses.

To continue in the trend of holding one's head in one's hands at the spectacle the world continues, despite all our efforts, to offer us, Billmon has a pleasantly elegiac and also rather biting independence day message.

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