Sunday, May 22, 2005

Linkage And Schaudenfraude

Brad De Long digs up a little rant from Terry Eagleton - erstwhile champion of critical theory - on postmodernism.

Pearsall writes about the rise of communalism - his term, not mine - in British politics.

Manchester United lose the FA Cup Final to Arsenal on penalties despite having totally dominated the game. I loathe Manchester United - Alex Ferguson is a power-hungry, authoritarian, arrogant bastard, who believes he has a divine right to the Premiership title, and will violate the spirit of every law in the game to ensure it, while their players are dirty, cynical, petulant and just as arrogant as their manager: the less said about their perpetually sulky fans, probably the better - and quite like Arsenal - for all Pires's diving, and the periodical blindness of their manager, when not being hacked to pieces (let's not forget who started that, either) and consequently understandably, although not forgivably, losing their tempers, they play the most flowing, inventive, attractive attacking football I've seen in the Premiership - so this pleases me, especially after losing at Old Trafford earlier in the season to end their record-breaking unbeaten run, because of a) - and this was forgotten in the furore about Rooney - of Ferdinand pulling down Ljungberg when he was clean through, and not even giving away a free-kick, when he should have been sent off, at 0-0 and b) Rooney diving for a penalty for United to go 1-0. Maybe there is karma.


Cirdan said...

I blame Nigel Winterburn.

Rob Jubb said...

for what?