Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's Not Fair...

when you stop watching a football match at half time because it's 3-0, and the side who are 3-0 appear to be in an unassailable position, tearing the other side apart at will, so that you can go and do some much-needed work for your finals, instead of watching what is after all a dead game, and then you find, an hour or so later, that the game has gone to extra time with the score at 3-3. That unfairness is significantly added to when the football match in question is the Champions League final, only about the most important game this season. Kudos to Liverpool for winning the Champions League, but a) how on earth did they come back from 3-0 down against a side who had one of the best defensive records in Europe, and, more importantly, b) why did they have to do it in a manner that meant that I couldn't be bothered to watch them do it. It is an injustice on a cosmic scale! I demand redress! Also, if anyone knows where I might be able to find highlights of the match online, I'd be really grateful.

Update: Not only were there apparently Liverpool fans who left at half-time, who are clearly suffering from the whims of a remarkably capricious God, but, via email, someone pointed out this Times article, the horribly poignant part of which is this:

One Hills internet client from Norway... staked £10,167 on Milan when they were 3-0 up at 1-100. He stood to win just £102.

I have no words.

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Tom said...

Yov've got to pity the poor Liverpool fans who left the actual stadium at half time. Bless their scouse souls. I hope they saw more of Turkey instead.