Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Postal Vote Fraud Stuff

As most of you are probably aware, a judge in Birmingham yesterday found guilty a number of labour councillors of perpetrating postal vote fraud on a scale "that would disgrace a banana republic". Since I voted at the last general election by postal vote, intend to vote at the coming general election by postal vote, and have already personally perpetrated what must be some kind of electoral fraud, if not with malice aforethought, by voting twice at the last European elections - by postal vote in London, and in person in Oxford - I am, I fear, not qualified to comment on this.

Although given how I voted twice, I may be uniquely well-qualified to comment on the safeguards surrounding the postal vote system, which were criticized by the judge, if only by implication from ancedote. What seems to have happened is that no-one told anyone else that I had voted by post in London, so I remained on the electoral roll for the European elections in Oxford, allowing me to vote twice. When I mentioned this to the workers in the polling station, they were non-plussed and gave me a European election ballot card regardless, so I voted again. Anyway, there is a round-up of blog discussion here though, so if you are interested...

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