Friday, April 29, 2005

I Want MP3s! I Want Them Now!

Jarvis Cocker was on Desert Island Discs this morning. I would link to the MP3 of the programme, but for some reason the Beeb doesn't give out MP3s of Desert Island Discs. I demand that they do, now! Minions, email them! Bombard them with your demands! Overload their servers with your faithful expressions of my will! Now!


El said...

I can't believe you didn't know. Would have texted you, but what with your phone not working, figured I wouldn't. He didn't even chose that good music, it was just hearing him speak. He even said 'me mutha'. If you'd listened to Women's hour on Monday then you would have known earlier... ha ha, you missed it

Rob Jubb said...

I didn't miss it, I merely wanted to be able to link to it.

Rob Jubb said...

Pleased though that you read my blog frequently enough to see this and respond with the day