Friday, April 01, 2005

Giuliana Sgrena Update

Naomi Klein recently interviewed Guiliana Sgrena, and the it-was-all-an-unfortunate-if-indicative-of-general-f*ckup-f*ckup version of the story seems to be wearing a bit thin, if Naomi Klein and a journalist working for a communist-affiliated newspaper are to be believed. Sgrena was being driven along a secure road, which the access to is through checkpoints, and the car was fired on from behind by a tank, which is why she and Calipari, the secret service agent, sitting in the back, and not the driver, sitting in the front, were hit: hardly some shit-scared grunts, terrified of potential car-bombs, whose trigger-fingers got a little too itchy. Body and Soul has some photos of the car which might indicate it was fired on from behind, and links to the interview. Exactly why kidnapped journalists and the secret service of their allies were being deliberately fired upon by the US military is unclear, I think, but as various people have been pointing out for some time, journalists have had this creepy record of just, you know, accidentally, getting caught in cross-fires, being in buildings which get bombed, or being mistaken for terrorists, in Iraq.

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