Thursday, March 03, 2005


If you have ever wanted to inflict your policy preferences on a whole nation of hapless subjects, now you can. Since I always have wanted to do this, I am. All glory be to the Serene Republic of Claham!

Hat-tip to Shot By Both Sides


John Emerson said...


I just dropped back to the Yglesias thread from awhile back, and found that you asked me a question I didn't answer. This is the only way I seem to be able to contact you, sorry.

"Positivism" is a much broader and looser term than "logical positivism", and much analytic philosophy has a positivistic streak. The idea that philosophy has become, or should become, a technical, specialized study is positivist.

I have retracted my accusation that professional philosophers on the whole neglect the history of philosophy, though I still believe that it is possible to get a PhD in philosophy with very litle historical knowledge, and I have seen contemporary philosophers dealing with past philosophers in terms of translations into analytic language which I think are inadequate.

My positive concern is for the holistic study which I think is neglected, and equally with the decontexting and lack of engagement that I see in most professional philosophy. My immediate contrast is John Dewey. The existence of individual and departmental exceptions to the analytic monopoly does not disprove my main point, especially because graduates from exceptional programs will have major problems getting positions.

I am emersonj @ gmail . com,

my site is idiocentrism . com

Rob Jubb said...


don't worry about it. In fact, please come back!

I don't really have time to address what you say now, but if you want, I'll try and write something about how I understand the project of philosophy, and we can discuss the issues you raise on that basis.

Briefly, I think any disagreement we have probably depends on exactly what you mean by 'decontexting and lack of engagement', which I'm quite happy to discuss.

Let me know.


John Emerson said...

From my point of view, I have a lot of stuff up on my front page of my site
( ).

I have bookmarked your site and will stop by occasuonally.

Anonymous said...

Bloggert Jubb is on the warpath. Beware, all daylight - moving creatures and fascists! The bearded one is on the loose.

Good stuff my man, I'm having trouble keeping up with your domination of cyberspace.

One thing - which is your nation on that country wotsit? Second link goes to the same place as the first.


Rob Jubb said...

If only I did dominate cyberspace like in the way my benevolent rule brings boundless benefits to the grateful people of the serene republic of claham. If only...

One of the links should now go to my nation. You will find there that at least ring-tailed lemurs are safe from my rampages.

Rob Jubb said...

here is a link to some information about ring-tailed lemurs

aren't they cute?

Anonymous said...

Very good my good man.

Ahem, I have joined the craze, for reasons as yet unknown.

Welcome to the muddled world of Tsyubaraki. Indeed.