Friday, March 11, 2005

LGF - Little Green Footballs Or Late German Fascists?

Seeing Pearsall's comment on my earlier post about Giulana Sgrena, mentioning LGF, made me think of this. I wish I could remember where I found it, but it is absolutely f*cking priceless. There are a number of reasons any right-thinking person regards a lot of the American right-wing blogs as utterly insane, and this illustrates at least one of them fairly well.

Postscript: found via Bartlett's Bizarre Bazaar, which is generally rather good and will go on my blogroll, once I get round to adding to it.


Pearsall Helms said...

It's pretty easy to tell who's who, as the LGF commentators can't match the Nazis for eloquence.

Andrew Bartlett said...

Sgrena will become the new hate figure for the LGFers, replacing Rachel Corrie (that is, St. Pancake, as they dub her) in their 'affections'. I try an watch my language when I argue now, as I despise the rhetorical tricks of the right wing sites, whether is is inventing terms such as 'idiotarian', acronyms, such as 'MSM', or displacing a gross racism by always referring to Reuters as al-Reuters. The prefix 'al-' can be affixed to any media outlet you disagree with, and you have instantly associated them with those lying, dishonest, dirty, hooknosed ragheads.

I need to stop reading these sites. My head will explode.

Rob Jubb said...


thanks for commenting. If only I has ever encountered any gypsies, I would be writing to the Sun forthwith. The letters to Howard and Charles Clarke are to be applauded as well. As for LGF, I've never read it, and, thanks to you, I no longer run the risk of having my head explode.

Rob Jubb said...

sorry if my comment seems sarky. I've been drinking, and I can't really help it.