Friday, February 11, 2005

Warning: Braying Sentimentality Ahead

I can't stand the Royal Family, and I think that that comes not from them - although they're fairly repulsive - but from the attitude of the population at large to them. Fawning like credulous peasants lining up to have the mystical power of the Monarch's touch to sanctify them through their God-given majesty and cure them of every ill just isn't a particularly appealing or appropriate attitude of citizens in a 21st century democracy. I want to shout: 'these people owe their status and wealth to the oppression and exploitation of the people of this country going back at least as far as 1066: you owe them nothing but rigteous ire'. When Diana died, I found the allegedly spontaneous welling-up of grief absolutely disgusting: here is a rich, pretty, stupid and rather troubled woman who died in a car crash (don't get me started on the conspiracy stuff, really, don't) whom none of you knew, who may have done a couple of good things in her life - God knows she ought to have, given that she had f*ck-all else to do - and we are supposed to mourn her like some kind of saint, to the exclusion of a genuine saint. It was a kind of mass hysteria, a purely emotional reaction to an icon that had no proper place in any iconography, and I hated it. So, the news that Charles and Camilla are going to get married does not fill me with happiness: although I suppose it's nice that they are finally getting married, it's no nicer than the marriage of anyone else, and since, as a general rule, no-one gets exicted about the fact that someone whom they don't know, never will know, and have nothing in common with beyond membership of the human race gets married, I don't think anyone apart from their friends and families should be getting excited about their wedding. But they will, and it will send me into fits of apoplexy.

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