Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Housekeeping Again

I'm going to the Scanlon reading group again tonight, so perhaps something will come out of that. The chapter's on how well-being is at best a proxy for a disparate set of other values, and certainly not a master value, which might bring up some interesting stuff about hedonism or something. On the other hand, the Wilt Chamberlain example came up in a class I was at today, and Matthew Yglesias has been talking about Anderson and Hayek as well, which libertarians have predictably been drawn to, so I might have a go at a bit of libertarian bashing.

Also, someone else has linked to me. I don't know who they are but, reciprocity being reciprocity, here's their site, which looks quite good, even if they do appear to be a Man U fan. I'll stop doing this once the list of people linking to me expands to a proper size. It is, of course, entirely at my discretion what a proper size is.


Cirdan said...
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Cirdan said...

that would be me then... thanks for reciprocating. United because they simply refuse to consider losing